Maybe you find yourself exercising but have plateaued?

Maybe you occasionally diet but aren't quite sure what to eat?

Maybe you are spinning your wheels doing it on your own but can't seem to get any traction?


For 19 years I have helped women understand what it really takes to live a healthy, balanced and fit life. The plan is simple. I give you weekly assignments (workouts), a meal plan (recipes) and an easy to follow calendar each month for accountability. On top of that, each month we are working towards an overarching healthy habit to integrate in order to "glue in" some basics. 



It has been 12 months since I started Mandy's program.  These picture are from our family vacations, one year apart.  I've lost 22 pounds and 27.5 inches! (9 of those on my hips-I can't keep my pants up!) It has not been quick or easy! I had three goals. I WANTED TO BE STRONG.  When we went to Alaska a year ago I had to climb a hill to go zip lining.  Everyone around me was having no problems. There were people 20 years older than me, just walking right up and I truly almost didn't make it.  I was huffing and puffing all the way; I had no strength. I decided then and there, I needed to change. That's where Mandy's program came in. I WANTED TO LOSE 60 POUNDS. For my heart, and quite frankly to look pretty in a dress. Mandy has taught me how, what and WHEN to eat.  She has given me exercises I can handle that don't hurt my back.  She knows I hate to exercise and makes it completely doable. I WANTED TO BE ABLE TO MAINTAIN IT.  I have been up and down a million times, but have never kept it off. I don't want to do a quick diet that will help me lose 30 pounds in a few months and then gain it all back.  I want to lose slow and steady and then be healthy forever! Here are the things I am most excited about: I  no longer have to shop in the plus size department. I am so proud to be an XL! On vacation, I walked over 60 miles and I didn't huff or puff at all! I am not done...I still have a long road ahead, but I want to encourage anyone else that struggles with weight. It should be slow...but strength training and calorie deficient are key!

I keep praying for strength to keep with the plan! Here's to year 2!            -KS

"Mandy has taught me HOW & WHEN to eat.

She knows I hate exercise, but makes it completely doable."

Mandy Froehlich

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>>MS, Certified Personal Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

what exactly will I have "exclusive access" to?

You will have access to a  total body workout, new each week so you'll never get bored and always have a new challenge for each week! The workout will incorporate the essentials: strength for toning, mobility for flexibility, endurance for burning extra calories and core strength that will rock your mid-section. The workout includes options for beginner to advanced. The workouts will be in a video form as well as written out so you can copy and paste and keep forever.

Every week there is a new meal plan complete with the recipe and nutrition information (calories, protein, fat, and carbs). These recipes are friendly to vegetarians, gluten free and dairy free. They are balanced and range from 1300-1600 in calories for the day.

Each month there is also 5 new 5minute workouts (cardio, arms, legs, abs and mobility). There are designed to fit into your life when a longer workout can't happen.

You will also gain access to my resources page. This includes a monthly program calendar for tracking as well as my video archive of split body workouts.

what equipment is needed for the workouts?

These workouts can be completed in a gym or at home with minimal equipment required: Dumbbells, Bands, and a Ball. 

how many workouts are posted each week?

There is one total body workout posted each week for beginners-advanced fitness levels. The goal would be to repeat this workout throughout the week so your body is ready for the following week's workout. You will find that the workout will get easier the more you repeat it during the week. 

how much is the program?

$35 Per Month. It is an ongoing subscription that can be cancelled at any time.

can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, cancel anytime with no additional fees.

what nutrition information will I have access to?

You will have access to new meal plans each week. It comes with new recipes and nutrition information. Also, you have access to me! I always welcome any questions or concerns.

can I do this program at home?

how long do the workouts take?

Absolutely! All the workouts consist of exercises with little equipment. This program includes dumbell, stability ball and resistance bands.

The total body workout can take as little as 15 minutes (doing the exercises one time through) to up to around 45 minutes (doing the complete workout with 3 sets of each exercise).


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