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>> what you get

A new, easy to follow, workout each week!

A delicious and healthy weekly meal plan!

Accountability with a trainer in your corner!

>> why it works

You'll learn to follow a progressive program, versus random exercises, to produce consistent results!

You'll get a meal plan with fresh new ideas that will push your to feel and look your best.

You'll have a coach in your corner, rather than navigating through fitness alone!



It has been 12 months since I started Mandy's program.  These picture are from our family vacations, one year apart.  I've lost 22 pounds and 27.5 inches! (9 of those on my hips-I can't keep my pants up!) It has not been quick or easy! I had three goals. I WANTED TO BE STRONG.  When we went to Alaska a year ago I had to climb a hill to go zip lining.  Everyone around me was having no problems. There were people 20 years older than me, just walking right up and I truly almost didn't make it.  I was huffing and puffing all the way; I had no strength. I decided then and there, I needed to change. That's where Mandy's program came in. I WANTED TO LOSE 60 POUNDS. For my heart, and quite frankly to look pretty in a dress. Mandy has taught me how, what and WHEN to eat.  She has given me exercises I can handle that don't hurt my back.  She knows I hate to exercise and makes it completely doable. I WANTED TO BE ABLE TO MAINTAIN IT.  I have been up and down a million times, but have never kept it off. I don't want to do a quick diet that will help me lose 30 pounds in a few months and then gain it all back.  I want to lose slow and steady and then be healthy forever! Here are the things I am most excited about: I  no longer have to shop in the plus size department. I am so proud to be an XL! On vacation, I walked over 60 miles and I didn't huff or puff at all! I am not done...I still have a long road ahead, but I want to encourage anyone else that struggles with weight. It should be slow...but strength training and calorie deficient are key!

I keep praying for strength to keep with the plan! Here's to year 2!            -KS

"Mandy has taught me HOW & WHEN to eat.

She knows I hate exercise, but makes it completely doable."