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I'm a busy mom to 3 sweet kids, a 200 hour yoga instructor, seasoned personal trainer, Pilates instructor, nutrition coach, and overall curious wellness seeker. 20 years ago my journey to understand the science of fitness was born with a master's degree in exercise physiology. Through working with hundreds of clients over the years as a personal trainer, I quickly realized most of fitness is actually an art form. Adding mind-body disciplines like teaching Pilates and then ultimately yoga has filled in the fitness gaps to what I can offer my clients and classes.

I believe the path to better wellness lies within understanding what we need to put the brakes on and what needs more gas. It all begins with awareness. If we are not aware, we cannot change.

Being strong physically is wonderful but if we are living a face-paced anxious life full of stress, adding more of the same via intense exercise just exacerbates the problem. Not only do I see the importance for training our body physically, there is a huge need train our mind's fitness and nervous system. 

Just like training muscle to be strong and flexible, our brain also needs training to be calm, focused, patient, aware and peaceful.  This all takes practice and what you will find is a creatively crafted, non-threatening, science-based format to improve your nervous system through breathwork, movement and stillness.

Along with teaching, I also train/coach whole body wellness virtually for improved health one-on-one. It's an all encompassing program where consistency over perfection is the goal. My clients also find they finally learn how to eat for their unique body and it ultimately makes sense. We find your unique rhythm! 


I teach classes all over Liberty, MO and the Kansas City area and am passionate about sharing the benefits of mind-body fitness with people in my hometown.

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CONTACT ME  for more information and to see if working together towards your goal is something that would be a good fit for both you and me!



Yoga @ Noon-Serenity on the Square


Yoga @ 9am-Anytime Fitness Liberty


Pilates @ 8am-Cycle of Heart Liberty


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